Drain Cleaning Products

The highly acclaimed Liquid Rooter® Drain Cleaner

Our second to none Liquid Rooter® is a drain cleaner like no other, able to tackle even the toughest jobs.


It’s Fast, Highly Effective and Safe.

With decades of experience, Rooter-Man has used it’s knowledge to develop a unique formula that will restore normal biological activity in your septic tank. The Rooter-Man Liquid Rooter® is a unique non-caustic formulation that is non-acidic, and contains special enzymes with live bacteria that attacks fats, grease, proteins, carbohydrates and controls odors. Our unique and super effective formula Liquid Rooter® has no negative environmental impact and will safely liquefy and clean organic waste, fats, grease, paper, and any other build up in drains, pipes, or grease traps.

Rooter-Man Liquid Rooter® will help prevent blockages before they happen and quickly clean and deodorize all areas of drainage systems. Rooter-Man Liquid Rooter® is 100% biodegradable. It does not contain any petroleum based solvents or other harsh chemicals.


The widely used Liquid Rooter Drain Cleaner Concentrate

It is Sewer-Man’s pleasure to offer the Liquid Rooter Bio Concentrate, its first ever Rooter-Man Branded Powder Drain Cleaning product. It is sold in pails consisting of 12 water-soluble 2 oz soul-pack packets. Liquid Rooter Bio concentrate is comparable to products like Bio-clean as a powdered drain and septic maintainer. Drains for your sink can be treated by allowing 1 soul-pack to dissolve in the water then releasing water into the drain. Septic tanks can also be treated by allowing 1 soul-pack to dissolve in the toilet followed by flushing was fully dissolved.


These Liquid and Powder Drain Products are available exclusively through your local Sewer-Man Dealer!

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