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With over 40 years of experience as a plumbing, sewer, and drain cleaning company, we here at Sewer-Man have helped thousands of people within Canada with all their plumbing needs. Our expert technicians are the best choice when you need fast and trustworthy emergency drain cleaning services. We ensure to always provide quick and dependable plumbing services at competitive and reasonable rates. Our decades of dedication  and specialization in plumbing issues and emergencies provide insight on our quality workmanship. Our community trusts that we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any and all their plumbing needs.

Eventually plumbing systems will develop clogs over time. Most of the time, the issue is caused by the build up of common debris that goes through the drain such as: food, hair, grease, paper, or other inorganic matter, that are not meant to be disposed of through the drains. Over the course of time, these items gradually start to block pipes and will clog up or slow down water flow. If you experience any of this or want to prevent this from happening to your home or commercial buildings, Sewer-Man has the expertise and experience to solve all drain and sewer problems for any commercial or residential establishment.

Sewer-Man guarantees that any job is done right the first time around. Clogged drains can smell bad and cause more damage to your home that can costs thousands of dollars in repairs, Rooter-Man can quickly determine the problem and provide a solution. Rooter-Man has drain cleaning technicians that are highly skilled and always equipped with the right tools for the job. Ranging from simple tools for simple problems, to high-powered tools such as a high-pressure water jetting for more complex drain problems.


Methods that Sewer-Man uses to unclog Drains & Sewer Pipes:

  • Snaking – also known as an electric eel, is usually the first method used for  ridding your drain pipes of debris, such as: food, hair, paper or other inorganic matter. They can also be used to remove tree roots from big drain and sewer pipes as well. A drain snake is a long, flexible, high speed, metal coil, that is inserted into clogged pipes, in an effort to remove any blockages in the pipe.

  • Water Jetting – for a more complex jobs, water jetting is the better solution because it uses high pressure pumps that shoot water through flexible hoses that run through your drains and pipes. At the end of the hose is a specialized nozzle, that sends pressurized water through the pipe walls and flushes everything out. It is considered to be the most environmentally friendly way to clean drains and pipes and it flushes out debris from the most severely clogged pipes.

Sewer-Man has skilled plumbers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help get your drains flowing good again.


  Billy was awesome! Would not hesitate to call Sewer-Man again if needed. Again, thanks for your help.

Joe Antonuccio – Etobicoke, ON


The servicemen couldn’t have been more friendly, hard working and knowledgeable about the job.


Samantha Jacobsen – Vaughan, ON

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