Faucet Repair

What to do when you have a leaky or noisy faucet

Sewer-Man offers faucet repair services and also installs new ones if required. More often than not. faucets are overlooked and much attention is not given until a problem arises. Only when a problem occurs do you realize how important a simple faucet plays in a home or business. Those found in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where fresh water is needed are of the utmost importance as they need to be regularly maintained. If your faucet is dripping or noisy then it should not be something left to the side. Be sure to address the problem before it escalates and causes more damage to your home or business. Sewer-Man can efficiently repair or replace any type of faucets .

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Repairs for Noisy Faucets

A common problem that faucets develop over a certain time period is that they start making whistle noises, chattering, or even louder screaming noises. Too often these sounds become loud and will irritate you. Sometimes a screaming faucet is caused when: a washer is the wrong size, a worn out stem thread, or a washer that was not properly installed. Noisy faucets are found most commonly in older homes and can be caused when there is a build-up of sediment in the pipes which restricts the flow of water.


Repairs for Leaking Faucets

Drip… drip … drip is not the sound your want to hear. Leaking faucets can cause more damage than a noisy faucet! A dripping faucet can run you a high bill. Not only does every drop of water increase your monthly water bill, leaky faucets can also cause damage to your homes fixtures its surrounding areas if not taken care of quick enough. Save yourself thousands of dollars in costly repairs down the road by repairing your leaking faucet today!


Our Faucet repair service solutions include:

  • Stopping and preventing leaking or dripping faucets
  • Stopping¬† and preventing noisy faucets
  • Repairing broken faucets
  • Installation of new faucets

For over 40 years, Sewer-Man skilled technicians have offered faucet repair and replacement solutions, fully equipped with the knowledge and tools to have your faucet repaired in a manner that is efficient and affordable.


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