High Pressure Water Jetting


Is your drain or sewer pipe clogged or draining really slowly?

Debris such as grease sludge mostly contribute to the drain blockages residential and commercial drain blockages. Rooter-Man’s water jetting services provides affordable solutions for your drains that can immediately clear this sediment from the drain lines. Using the high pressure water jetting approach blasts away all scum and other debris build up accumulated on the interior of sewer and drainage pipes over the years. This method has proven to be the most effective over traditional rooting and is the longest lasting approach for getting your pipes draining properly again and can give you results that are as efficient as if new pipes had been installed.


High Pressure Water Jetting Benefits

Using high pressure water jetting to clean your pipes is rather a simple process. Rooter-man has state of the art water jetting equipment and are equipped for even the toughest of clogs. Our technicians are highly specialized to perform the drainage of pipes by inserting a bendable hose into your drainage pipes and a high pressure water jet dislodges any waste that was built up along the walls of the pipes and ensure it flushes them all out of the pipe.Compared to regular cable machines our hydraulic water jet equipment can clean longer sections of pipes and is powerful enough to clean any obstruction such as: hair, grease, dirt, tree roots, etc. Our specialized water jet technology allows us to dislodge blockage without needing to use any other tools or harmful toxic chemicals. This is considered to be the most cost effective, fastest, and environmentally friendly way to clean out your pipes.


  Chad did a great job, I will call  again and tell my friends about Sewer-Man – John Banks, Toronto, ON

John Banks


Water jetting maintenance to prevent future occurrences

Water jetting is the best way to maintain your sewer and drain pipes and also prevent the likelihood of the re-occurrence clogged pipes. When pipes are cleaned out periodically, the likelihood of debris and harmful deposits clogging your drain can be curtailed or prevented. Consider the maintenance of your pipes as an investment in preventative maintenance. By doing so, you can avoid a major expense in pipe repair and replacement all together.If you are experiencing any issues with your sewer and drainage system or if your pipes have not been cleaned for some time, be sure to give us a call and we will ensure your pipes are clear of any obstructions with the use of our specialized water jetting equipment! Most services are offered at all participating locations

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Most services are offered at all participating locations
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