Video Inspection


A Video Pipe Inspection is the newest way to check pipes in your home or business

This method of pipe inspection is selected commonly for pipes with smaller diameters.
Technology has advanced and with new modern technology, the interior of pipes may be inspected without taking a pipe apart or digging. This can save your large amounts of money in labor costs, especially in commercial operations that have many pipes. With over 40 years of experience, Sewer-Man Plumbers have become specialists in video pipe inspections. Our technicians are equipped only with the latest technology in order to ensure the job gets done right the first time around and is done quickly and efficiently. If uncertain about what is occurring with your pipes, be sure to give us a call and we will get to the root of the problem.


Why Video Pipe Inspections?

The main purpose of for using video pipe inspections is to visually verify the conditions of the insides of pipes as a non-invasive procedure. This method and advanced technology prevents the need to dig up pipes to inspect them. It allows Sewer-Man plumbing technicians to use video inspections to assess and determine what is wrong with the pipe and whether or not it will be necessary to dig it up. The video inspection provides accurate information that results in a less costly and more precise repairs.

How Does the Video Inspection Work?

The inspection camera and lights are mounted on a swiveling head on a camera tractor where the head and the tractor is controlled by one of our trained expert technicians. The process of the inspection starts from an access pipe and then runs down the length of the pipe. The lighting mounted to the camera and devices are vital for illuminating the pipe. The camera tractor is lowered into the pipe and an trained technician will then control the tractor and start the inspection.


Common Issues Found with Video Inspections 

The most common issue we have come across in pipes are blockages and corrosion. Also, tree roots sometimes grow into pipes and can cause leaks and blockages. Sewer-Man can determine what issue your pipes have an ensure they get fixed to prevent further damage. All situations are different which is why we find it essential to provide a unique solution fitting of your problem.


How is the Data Gathered from Video Inspection Used?

Analyzing the video is done in real time at the time of inspection done by our expert technicians. The video is also recorded so that it may be reviewed at a later date if needed. Copies are also made upon request if your or your insurance company require it. The video will reveal the condition of the pipe and will be assessed to determine if repairs or improvements are needed. It also allows any action taken to be accurate and the precise repair of your pipes. Your pipes should be checked regularly to ensure they are flowing without issues. This is especially beneficial for commercial properties, where loosing pipeline functions can cause major loss of revenue for the business. Sewer-Man guarantees to ensure any and all problems are identified via video inspection and ensure they are fixed.


With over 40 years of experience in the plumbing and drain industries, you can count on Sewer-Man for all of your video pipe inspection needs!


¬† Had a backed up pipe, local plumber couldn’t find it, Sewer-Man used video equipment to find it with ease.

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